Brick Hill River Cumberland National Seashore

Brickhill River Anchorage @ Cumberland Island

We fired up the The Office and proceeded to motor to Cumberland. The weather promised to be nice for the next few days. We were fortunate to enjoy a nice ride down at 1400 rpm @ 7.5 kts to Cumberland Island. Our anchorage is 9.5 miles down the ICW from Jekyll Harbor Marina ( ) on Jekyll Island where we have a home slip. We turned off the ICW at Brickhill River and went past the primitive campsite avoiding

the sand bar we anchored in 11 ft of water at mid high tide. There was one sailboat a mile away. A few fishermen visited while we were there, otherwise we were  alone.

We towed the dinghy, our 11 ft Boston Whaler, she rode easy in our wake with no problems.
The Inverter from West Marine and solar panels ran the electrical needs of our boat for the four days with out any problem.
The weather was nice with a steady breeze out of the south.
We walked across the 2.5 miles to the beach. Any hotter and the trip would be uncomfortable with lots of bugs. We saw alligators and armadillos. 
The green deer flies were very bad. We had screens to enjoy the deck so we were safe. This hornet was about 2 inches long

Cumberland National Seashore

The maritime forest is beautiful. The best time to visit is early spring before hot weather.
The fishing was with mullet we caught with our cast net. We only were able to catch small sharks. We saw one alligator by the boat and it followed us in to the beach where we walked SuSea.


We enjoyed the days with out cell, internet and the peace of a quiet anchorage.
We saw the wild horses on the last day we were there a mare and foal.


  The LED Anchor Light was nice and bright

Jean likes to drive the big boat and the dink! I feel like the big boat is a dump truck with out brakes. I will need a lot more practice to get used to it. SuSea enjoyed it all behaving very good for her first cruise.

The Office was secure on the anchor even with the tide change and current in the river.

This small beach is sand, with lots of mud and oyster shell. Tide range is over 6 ft. so be care full with your dink especially if it is not hard bottom.

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