Calling on a Service Manager, Always be mindful of their Time!

 I could look out over the shop from his office and see the various work stations and technicians in the service bays. The closest one was a new SUV that had just been pulled into the lift bay by a tech that proceeded to set up the twin post lift by setting the arms under the vehicle at the lift points. He set the left rear and left front then as he walked around the front toward the other side he got a cell phone call and answered it as he set the right front lift arm. I was not paying much attention as the technician walked around to the lift control and with his back to the vehicle  and continued his call as he lifted the vehicle. I did notice the SUV bounced when it first hit the floor on it’s rear hatch. The service manager was instantly shocked! Before he could speak, I said “Seeya! I will come back when you are not so busy.”  Fortunately no one was hurt.
 Here is a reminder:Image


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