Good Mentors and the Interns

George a GM Master Technician @ Walker Olds Cadillac GMC in Carrollton Georgia on right with Tim Jones who was one of the first placements out of a new AYES program. Tim is now a GM master and working with new students at the dealership. George mentored many students in his career. Not all worked out as Tim did.Image
George explaining the GM service information to two job shadowing students. ImageGM and many of our Alliance partners share service information with NATEF schools using the AYES model.    Exposing the student to different systems is good practice for motivated young techs.
George agreed to take on an intern the summer before Tim. His name was Milton, as a Junior Milton had all the things you look for, good attitude, teachable, respectful and he and George were a good fit. Senior year Milton continued to work at the dealership and made enough to buy a used Cadillac. Well one weekend night coming home late he crashed the Caddy and wound up in trouble, lost his license and therefore his job. He was unhurt but because of the speeding ticket and wreck the dealership could no longer use a automotive tech with out a license to drive.
George and I lost track of Milton after that. I hope he has done well.  Read More on the Advisory Council

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