HGTC Diesel M/HD Diesel Equipment Program

Georgia’s First NATEF certified M/HD Diesel Equipment Technology Training program at Heart of Georgia Technical College

Heart of Georgia Tech College M/HD Truck Program 


 NATEF Evaluation July 11, 12, 2009   HGTC Dublin Georgia

Going in to a Medium/Heavy Duty Truck shop I would assume to see lots of big rigs, diesel engines and driveline parts bigger than some of today’s new cars. I would also smell diesel and burnt motor oil among piles of used up parts. I would assume I would see large truck parts scattered about with oil dry grit banked into every corner. I would have made these assumptions based on a long ago tour of duty in a big rig truck shop. The M/HD Diesel Equipment Technology Training program at Heart of Georgia Technical College changed my mind about all my Diesel assumptions and made me want to sign up to learn.



Fig 1, A secure training site


The evaluation team was very impressed with the clean, organized training program developed by the instructors Jon Walraven and Jillyn Baggett





Fig 2. The signage and organization of the training site was well thought out and planning was evident everywhere we looked.







DSC02857Fig 3 Note safety covers for mirrors designed by instructor Jillyn Baggett








Fig 4, Std 6.8 Organization and procedures observed by the team were outstanding. The instructors and students are to be commended for the safe operation of this lab. We are very impressed with the safety meeting held by the instructor and the diligence of the lead students in the learning process.  One of the team members said, “This is where I am coming for employees!”






DSC02842Fig 5, Std 6.9 The team was very impressed with the lab and the students in training reflecting best practices of the modern high tech work place.  We observed “Peer Teaching” and a well coordinated team of students working safely in the engine training area.






Fig 6, Std 6.10 Very evident to the team observing the students that they are aware of work ethics in the lab. All students were on task and helping each other.


DSC02856Std 7.1 Team was impressed with the student’s use of safety glasses and observation of safety procedures. Team was impressed with labeling and identification of safety issues.

Team observed a “Safety Meeting” held by the students during the last day of the two day evaluation.

 I apologize for the poor quality of this picture. the young lady we observed was “Peer Teaching” and very much in charge of this session. Carefully flipping the engine to a position on the table for disassembly she was very careful and all were on task, safe and engaged.






Fig 7, DSC02851Std 7.2 Team impressed with organization, identification, quality and quantity of the tools for student use. Tools are clearly marked, labeled and in an easy to locate storage.








Fig 8, Std 7.3A Supplies are well organized and secured in cabinets. Inventory was well documented.







DSC02852Std 7.6 Remarkable inventory system, very well thought out, planned and executed.

Team member comment, “The students will be a benefit to any business they are employed by because of the organization and procedures they learn here.”




Fig 9, Std 7.8 Hand tools are top quality and students are encouraged to purchase their own.



Fig 10DSC02853

Std 8.4 A & B Team observed and remarked that students are well trained in clean up and returning tools to proper place. Comments; “Cleanest shop I have seen!” “Look how the students clean up after themselves!”


Note safe water based, non flammable parts washer.






DSC02870Fig 11, Everything in a place, and a place for everything!








Fig 12, Students were observed on task, safe and learning!








DSC02878Fig 12, left, HGTC Instructor Jon Walraven talking with Evaluation team member Michael Smith, M/HD Truck instructor from Chattahoochee Technical College,

  Std 9 The program is fortunate to have a gifted teacher, highly motivated, student focused instructor and support staff for the program.

 I was very impressed with Jon’s organization, procedures and control of the learning environment. Jon has only been teaching a year!




Standards quoted are from the summary notes of the evaluation team. See www.natef.org for latest news and certification information.

Sonny Reeves     http:///  www.autoteacher.net

 Team Members;

Sonny Reeves, ETL

Michael Smith, M/HD Truck Instructor NMTC

William Odom, Bus Shop Foreman LCS

Troy Maddox, Shop Foreman STC

Dewey Irvin, Owner Irvin Truck Repair

2 Responses to “HGTC Diesel M/HD Diesel Equipment Program”

  1. Eugene Brown Says:

    Sonny, Thanks for the story of the first NATEF certifed M/HD program in Georgia. Your review is well written and very informative. The instructor deserves a lot of credit for putting the program together as well as the school for their comitment and dedication to career training. I would bet this program becomes a standard for the State of Georgia. Congratulations to all.

    • autoteachersonny Says:

      Gene, It is a very good program, Jon is a first year teacher that is remakable. The team at HGTC is remarkable from Pres. Peters down all are focused on being the best. Lots of Team work!

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