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Teenagers. You know most of your students are going to be 16-17 in their Junior year.

February 20, 2014
Picture: Teenagers lining up at an Advisory meeting to receive their ASE Student Certifications. All the students in black tees are AYES interns that were hired at 17 for their first career position in the automotive industry.
       We are asking the mentor to take on a teenager. Now that statement brings mixed perceptions to the table. The people you are trying to convince to take a teenager may think back to their teen years or their teenagers, or imagine that your students are like all the bad news @ 6 stories they hear. They will say “No”, citing rules, insurance and every excuse under the sun. They know they need help, The service bays are full now and the baby boomers are not getting younger. Well I have a word for those that say “No” to your students. They need to “Know” more about your students. An AYES prospective intern has passed your rigorous demands in the classroom and lab. They have met the standards set by the ASE Industry Education Alliance partners. I encourage you t go back to those that said no with the plan for using the AYES model, ask for job interviews, ask them to visit the lab and observe students, Ask and continue to ask. Some of my best placements came from the strongest resistors to hiring a teenager.
One of the common objections comes from a misunderstanding of the rule about operating lifts. The law talks about lifts and those are the huge lifts used in manufacturing and transportation to lift many tons of material. Not the common auto lift in shops and your lab.  Contact your ASE Alliance Manager and we can get you insurance letters to help clear this up.
Some time a shop won’t hire teens because of a business rule about liability. We have some schools that require interns to purchase school insurance like the football team does to protect them in case of an off campus accident.