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How to Work with your Work Based Learning coach

February 20, 2014


Michael now a master Honda Technician @ Walsh Honda. Micheal is another AYES model  success story. Shown here with Mary Beth, one of the finest Work Based Learning coaches I ever worked with. Michael is pictured with his new Snap On toolbox. See Snap On Tool Scholarship
 Your school may have a work-based learning teacher or coordinator assigned to work with student and employers. 



Build this relationship with the focus on “What is in the student’s best interest?”

Many times student job placements are based on quantity over quality. In an ideal AYES intern placement the student is paid a rate set by the advisory council before hand. To some the word intern means unpaid, but we want our automotive students to be paid at least a minimum if not better to reflect the quality of their work and contribution to the business.  Job interviews are set, job shadowing follows and interns are selected and paired with mentors. This model is sometimes different for the WBL coach. Make sure you understand each others roles and responsibilities. Build a relationship by first understanding what they have to do for the system. The Steven Covey Quote ” Seek first to understand” works best.  What their job is and understand that you have a role that can help them look very good with the AYES model and resources. Read more on developing relationships